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The Persuasive Communicator™

We have published the new program for the Persuasive Communicator programs for the first half of 2010.  Click here to register now!

A practical, interactive 1-day skills program to help you communicate more effectively

The Persuasive Communicator™ is an intensive 1-day skills training program. The Program equips participants with skills and a reliable tool for communicating more powerfully and persuasively in any type of business or social situation.

The new skills are easy to learn and immediately applicable to real-life work challenges. The Program is based on Persona’s Social Styles and Trust Models, which have been validated over 20 years and are at the core of many of the most effective communication skills training programs.

Key Features

• 360 Degree Feedback – Participants select 4-6 business colleagues to complete a profile on how they perceive him/her as a communicator. This awareness is key to developing new skills.
• Actionable – The emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills, not on learning theory.
• Profiling Tool – Participants learn how to profile anyone they deal with and how to adapt their own communication style for maximum impact.
• Case Study – All participants are coached to develop a Game Plan for communicating more effectively with a specific individual; usually someone they fail to engage effectively.

Who should participate?
•    Professional services teams who need to influence and want to build trusted relationships with their clients
•    Account managers dealing with high-value or complex client relationships
•    Sales executives looking to improve their selling techniques
•    Leaders, managers and supervisors who want to be more effective at managing, coaching and incentivising their staff Persuasive Communicator™ Program

Benefits of the Program
Individuals will benefit by:
•    Rapidly identifying the social styles of others and knowing how to adapt their proposals accordingly for greater impact
•    Learning how to build trust, project empathy and coach effectively, leading to reduced friction and greater co-operation
•    Understanding how to motivate others to achieve better team outcomes
•    Recognising the interpersonal dimension of the sales process and client relationships, leading to greater sales success

Companies have reported:
•    Improved top and bottom line results
•    Enhanced client relationships
•    More effective staff communication and greater flexibility in times of change.

For more information about the Persuasive Communicator™ Program, customisation options for your organisation or for the upcoming Open Programs, please contact Matt Lohmeyer

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